Healthcare Professional FAQs

  • What does signing up with JointPRO involve on my part?

Creating an account with JointPRO is as simple as completing our online registration from, and sending us a copy of your GMC Registration Certificate as proof of identity.

  • How do I access my patient’s PROs scores?

Firstly, your patients are able to name you as their doctor on registering with JointPRO, and permit you access to their profile. In this case, the patient’s record will appear under your Patient List on your profile and you will be able to access their PROs scores by clicking on their name.

If you would like to view PROs scores for a patient that is not listed in your patient list, you are able to search for their name in the 'Patient lookup by surname' search box at the top of your profile. If the patient in question is registered with JointPRO and has specified that their doctor works at the same GP practice or hospital that you have listed as your workplace, their name will appear in the search results and you are able to request access to their profile.  Alternatively, if their name does not appear in the search results, you are able to invite him/her to register with JointPRO.

  • What PROs instruments form the overall PROs questionnaire?

Patients’ self-reported health will be evaluated using established PROs instruments (Oxford Hip and Knee Scores, and EQ5D), as well as the Imperial Score, a novel PROs instrument that has been developed in our Lab. The Imperial Score is unique in enabling each patient to set their own personal aspirations pre-operatively, against which the success (or otherwise) of the intervention is determined. This heightens patient relevance and sensitivity so that we are better able to evaluate which interventions are most effective, as defined by patients themselves.

  • How do I invite patients to share their PROs scores with me?

You are able to invite patients to share their PROs scores with you if  a) they are registered with JointPRO and  b) they have named your place of work as their GP Practice or Hospital. You simply need to search for the names in the 'Patient lookup by surname' search box at the top of your profile, and click on ‘Invite’.

  • Am I able to share patient scores with other healthcare professionals if it is in the patients best interest to do so?

Yes, if a patient is listed on your profile and has consented to this level of sharing (during the registration process), you are able to share their scores with any given healthcare professional that is registered with JointPRO under your place of work. These individuals are listed under the 'Data Sharing' tab on your profile. In the Sharing Status column, if you click on 'Share' you will be guided through a series of questions which will enable you to set up sharing permissions for this healthcare professional. 

  • What about the collection of PROs for varicose vein and hernia surgery?

At the moment JointPRO is for patients with hip and knee conditions but in the future we would like to adapt JointPRO to cater for PROs collection outside of the othropaedic arena. 

  • What if my patients don’t have access to the internet or have difficulty using computers?

If your patient doesn’t have access to the internet, a carer or family member is able to register with JointPRO and complete the questionnaire on the patient’s behalf, as long as the patient is present.

  • Wouldn’t it be better to integrate JointPRO into an existing computer program?

Unfortunately this has not been possible, given the fragmented use of electronic patient record (EPR) systems across UK healthcare settings. However, we welcome proposals to integrate JointPRO with individual provider EPR/other systems. Please contact us for more information.

  • Can I import or export data between JointPRO and other systems?

This may well be possible, please contact us for more information.

  • Is JointPRO a profit-making entity?

We describe ourselves as a ‘social business’. JointPRO is currently non-profit making, but in due course it will be important to identify commercial opportunities to ensure JointPRO is financially sustainable – ensuring this valuable resource remains free of charge to all patients, healthcare professionals and researchers.